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Eye See You™ Activity Kit


  • Helps to improve functional & appropriate eye contact for students on the autisim spectrum, as they engage in conversation 
  • Helps autisim spectrum students answer WH (Who, What, Why, When, Where, How) questions.

How it works: 

Students are provided with written and/or visual prompts attached to red-framed glasses worn by the teacher, therapist, or parent who encourages conversation with the student using the question cards. Use of prompts and glasses are reduced as student improves eye contact.

Kit includes (comes in a clear, covered storage container): 

  • One pair of red-framed glasses
  • 17 question cards
  • 85 prompt cards
  • 50-sheet Data Collection TearPad™
  • hook-and-loop Dots
  • Instructions 


Dimensions (container): 11 (L) X 20 (W) X 11 (H) - CM