About KYDZ

Established in 2005, we at KYDZ are advocates of play. Play is beneficial for all ages: Toys That Celebrate All Ages!

At the heart of KYDZ, we aspire to design and create educational toys that are unique, age-appropriate, safe, and those which provide meaningful playtime and developmental opportunities for various age groups. KYDZ boasts of an international, eclectic range of products at affordable prices. What’s more: our in-house selection of designed toys and resources are found only at KYDZ!

Over the years, we specialise in supplying an extensive range of educational and fun products, island-wide. Our partners and clients are educational institutions, special needs schools, wholesale distributors, internet companies, parents, grandparents, retail markets, hospitals and eldercare centres.

To provide the best experience and to understand what is best for our children, we encourage and value feedback from customers, conduct naturalistic observations of children at play, and engage in evidence-based research.

Additionally, we carry informative resources on special needs. Books about special needs such as autism and dyslexia are in abundance in the shop. We do also offer learning resources for children with special needs.

For elderly, playing with toys is a form of integrating therapy with fun. We work directly with numerous nursing homes and geriatric departments of local hospitals. We collaborate with nurses and occupational therapists to source for and design toys that are elderly friendly.


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We are sensitive to our customer’s needs and want to assure you that we are dedicated to continuing to expand our product lines and we are excited that many new products will be offered in the weeks and months ahead. We have expanded our product line to include merchandise catered to the elderly in addition to the existing products for the young. Should you desire a specific product that we currently do not offer, we will only be happy to assist you as well.

We look forward to serving you!

Our Products

Resources for Childcare

Teachers, Educators and Parents, KYDZ is your one stop shop for all your teaching needs. Our store is filled with educational resources you need to outfit your classroom, or playarea. We bring an extensive selection of products at exceptionally affordable prices from all over the world to aid you in giving your child an educational edge while making learning fun.

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Resources for Silvercare

Do you wish to keep your Seniors happy and meaningfully engaged? Look no farther! Our range of Silvercare products boasts of specially-crafted quality aids and engaging games designe to stimulate the brain and enhance eye-hand coordination. Because we appreciate the importance of wellness ini everyday life, these products were delicately selected wit the Senior's quality of life at the forefront of our minds.

Services & Training

KYDZ conducts a range of workshops to support your needs whether you are a preschool educator, caregiver of a senior or a parent of a pre-schooler. We can customise different types of trainings and workshops according to your needs!

The workshops for preschool educators will involve purposeful play and hands-on session. Through these, the educators can discover the educational benefits of the toys, learn how to engage children effectively in play and know more about selection of toys to encourage the child’s learning and development.

Other than that, we provide trainings to caregivers of elderly at various senior care centres and share with them about how our products can aid in the physical, cognitive and social wellness in seniors.

These trainings and workshops can be conducted at your premises.


Why choose KYDZ?

1. We are the one stop solution for all your education supplies and eldercare activities, having one of the largest range of products in the market.

2. See and feel the products before purchase. KYDZ has the largest amount of toys in stock at our showrooms for you to experience beforehand, unlike many other stores which may be on a consignment basis.

3. Highly customisable. Need specific activities for the classrooms or unique gifts that are need to be customised to suit your branding or needs? KYDZ work with manufacturers to tailor everything to your requirements.

4. We go beyond activities and supplies. Need furniture for your classrooms, walking sticks for your centres? Besides toys and activities, we also provide furniture, assistive technology, therapy infrastructure and more.

5. Experience. Besides being in the educational industry for almost 20 years, our founders had also experience running their own education centres for more than 10 years, and have supported many schools through consultancy services. Be rest assured that KYDZ will only offer the best for your child or school.