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Reminiscence Puzzles (Cultural & Heritage)

Heritage 6-in-1 Cube Puzzle

Heritage 6-in-1 Cube Puzzle 
Designed and crafted by KYDZ International.

This Heritage 6-in-1 Cube Puzzle allows for not just 1 complete puzzle piece, but for 6 opportunities to put together the different heritage items – bringing you 6 times the joy from arranging nostalgic pictures while reminiscing the past! 

With nostalgic illustrations that connects us to a time past, this Heritage Cube Puzzle  warms our hearts with fondest memories. Our Heritage Cube Puzzle  helps seniors reminisce over past memories in pleasant, relaxed ways.  This also provides a platform for meaningful conversations between the different generations, while our seniors delight in fixing the puzzles. 
Furthermore, the acts of forming these sentimental pictures enhances their fine motor skills and encourages problem-solving. 
How to play:
The first step is to recognise which blocks belong to the same picture. The different coloured background in the pictures offers visual hints to each set of puzzle.
Turn the blocks within the wooden tray to complete 6 different nostalgic heritage pictures: radio, clock, iron, vinyl CD, telephone and sewing machine.
Dimensions of each cube : 4.5cm x 4.5cm x 4.5cm