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Reminiscence Objects (SC)

Shake Set: Shake Awake Your Taste


  • A friendly, fun, easy game that is perfect for people who have diffculties in memory recollection. 
  • This game unlocks meaningful memories by making them recall their "food " experiences, via the cards in a deck. 
  • Each card can create hours of discussion, social interaction and utilisation of familar skills. 
  • Great for invoking laughter and fond memories from the sharing of those special food preferences creating a picture of the likes and dislikes of each of the players.


Weight: 0.43 KG


All five games in this "Shake" set were designed specifically for people with memory impairment including Alzheimer’s. All help to validate the individual and reinforce self-concept.

Game playing is great therapy for people who have memory and cognitive diseases. These games add reminiscence therapy, another strong tool.

The five games in this series can be played by large or small groups: even one on one with a loved one or care provider.