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Patterning (SC)

Brainpaths: 25cm Lighthearted Spiral


  • A tactile exercise to relieve anxiety and stress so you can enjoy your day.
  • Tracing the grooves in the molded disks, helps to strengthen the users synaptic connections in their brains, create new connections, and possibly even create new brain cells.
  • Helps in restructuring the brain response to sensory stimulation, improving memory, mood, and learning


Brainpaths devices are registered with the FDA as a Neuro-surgical Medical Device for home use without a prescription. Brainpaths users repeatedly trace textures injected into both sides of the device, allowing textures to indent into the surface of each fingertip to touch 3000 mechanoreceptors located below the skin, to stimulate the somatosensory cortex of the brain (brainpaths.com).

Brainpaths USPTO Utility patent brings tactile stimulation to a new level, stimulating the brain like never before.

Brainpaths devices are designed for all ages to use therapeutically when you have a special condition or simply use as a “safeguard” to maintain a healthy brain for a healthy life.

Weight: 0.43Kg 


Video : Brainpaths